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If you are looking for a dangerously pleasurable mix of sweet or naughty, look no further than Maggie! Maggie has artfully mastered seduction, lust, and anticiaption. Her large hazel eyes, and sweet curls will pull you in - but what you might not expect from this adorable package is her devilish side which she loves to unleash. A true preformer, Maggie gets off on pleasing the lucky gentlemen that book her. She is genuiene in conversation, as well as in the sheets. Her hunger to please will intoxicate and captivate all of your senses. A pornstar wrapped up in a sweet little package, Maggie is truly someone you have to experience to believe!



Weight- 132 llbs
Height- 5’2
Eye colour- Hazel
Ethnicity- Caucasian
Hair colour-brunette
Hips-  34 inch
Waist-  30 inch